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As architects and environmental designers, it is our job to look at the goals and the need of both the client and the projects end users and to anticipate how these may change during the life cycle of a facility. This collaboration is an important part of the process. The end result is a high quality of service for the client as well as a comprehensive and practical design solution.

The bridge between our creative design solutions and a successfully constructed project is the technology we use to construct our designs. By using the Building Information Model, (BIM) we assemble the buildings and site in the computer and look at the project in 3-D. By doing this we can best test our design solution, as well as exploring new ideas, with you the client more efficiently and cost effectively.  this also allows us to check for possible conflicts in our design and resolve them prior to construction, thus reducing change orders, as well as saving both time and money.

Our firm now offers the experience of BIMx in virtual reality with Google Cardboard VR. Allowing a rich, immersive experience of building design on iOS and Android smart phones.

Design and construction are an inherently interconnected process, and thus the success of a project depends on our ability to creatively problem solve during design as well as in the field during construction; continuing the process through to a successful project completion.

EBM Design group has working relationships with many o the top contractors in the area. We can provide the following project delivery methods: an "open bid", where the project is bid to all general contractors who wish to bid; a "select list" where the project is bid to a preselected group of trusted general contractors, or we can provide a "design build" project working with a single contractor.

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