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Founded in 1989 by Architect Eric McConaughey, EBM Design Group has provided exceptional architectural services to clients throughout California and Nevada.

EBM Design Group Inc. is a Team of talented and experienced individuals consisting of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects, and Specialty Consultants. We are an interactive group that shares information fluidly, we are creative in problem solving, and have the ability to respond quickly to any request.

EBM Design Group specializes in Custom Residential, Commercial, Medical, Energy Conscious and Accessible Designs as well as Computer Imaging. Energy conscious design is the application of design strategies which minimize energy usage while maximizing the efficiency of a project. With the escalating cost of energy, now more than ever, owners should consider the functionality and efficiency of their projects.

Computer Imaging is the use of cutting edge technology to create virtual buildings on the computer allowing you to fully experience our designs by walking through and around your project from the earliest phase of design. By assembling or constructing the architectural and landscape environments in the computer, and being able to look at a project from every angle, allows us to provide our clients with improved design solutions, and the ability to create more unique and functionally sound environments. Possible conflicts become evident during this process and are corrected prior to actual construction, thus minimizing change orders.

The Firm Principles



Landscape Architect

"Horticulture Guru"

Milton Dalida

Architect/ Production Lead

"Pedagogue of Production"

Andrew Berlanga

Production/ Design

"Creative Genius"

Conrad Jimenez

Interior Designer

"Duke of Design"

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